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The Play or Quit Strategy in Bankroll Management

There are a variety of bankroll management strategies that anyone can try. No one can really recommend a money management system that will surely work for everyone. There are logical management systems that let you manage your bankroll using solid mathematics while others apply time tested principles like discipline. One particular bankroll management system that is common among experienced gamblers is called the play or quit strategy.

As stated earlier, you can never be sure if the play or quit strategy will work for you. Some people will find it illogical while some will think it may just work. The varying opinions will show that whether you use this money management scheme or not it really is just a matter of personal choice. After all, nobody really knows who you are more than yourself.

The play or quit strategy works with a person's gut feelings. Perhaps this is the main reason why others don't think this system will work, simply because it is too objective. Some who are so used thinking logically are at times too out of the box, which is trumped by this bankroll management plan.

The play or quit strategy will require some form of discipline since you will be listening to what your body tells you, which is either the desire to keep playing or a little small voice telling you to quit. It takes a bit of practice to make this money management scheme work since you'll looking for the strength to tell yourself to get out while you still can. Discipline and self awareness is the bottom line thresholds for the play or quit strategy.

Here's how this bankroll management strategy goes. The first part of the play or quit strategy is easy - just keep playing. The next part is where discipline and self awareness comes into play. You will quit playing your game, which doesn't matter what it is, given certain conditions.

The first condition to quit in this bankroll management strategy is that you get up and walk out when you are no longer getting any fun out of your game. For instance, say you're having a good run at slots. And immediately after a loss you suddenly feel that you've had enough then that is the signal to quit. Whether you're winning or not, when you feel that the game isn't fun anymore, just quit.

The next warning in the play or quit strategy is when luck seems just too tough this time. If you are winning nothing for several runs in a row for too long then this is a good signal to quit. The last signal is that whenever you feel uncomfortable, you should quit. No matter how your game goes, as long as you begin to feel uncomfortable, then you should quit.

That is how simple the play or quit strategy is. It is simply based on how you feel and will rely heavily on your self awareness and discipline.

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