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The Common and Unique Casino Bonuses

Casinos are one of the major gambling establishments known for its excellent promotional offers that give gamblers the maximum potential of enjoying a very satisfying gambling experience.

It has been a common tradition among casinos to be in the competition of providing the best casino bonuses to attract more gamblers to play on their gambling establishment. This competition led to the offering of numerous casino bonuses that are meant to provide casino players additional profit to enjoy as casinos provide them free cash and bonuses to perk up their gambling experience.

Casino bonuses are designed to increase the market of casino games to the gambling population. Oftentimes when playing in a casino as a first time player, the casino operators reward their first time depositor free money to enjoy as a way of showing their gratitude for playing on their establishment.

The sign up bonus is the most common casino bonus that is regularly offered by casino operators. This is a form of free money that entitles a casino player to use for their casino wagering activities. Upon registering an account with a casino the players are required to place a deposit into their account in order to begin wagering from different casino games.

The sign up bonus is availed once the player makes their first deposit into their casino account. One main important point to stress when availing the sign up bonus is that there are specific terms and conditions that must be followed before one can fully avail of the free money that casinos give to their players.

The player is often required to wager a number of times before they can fully claim their sign up bonus. How many hands they need to play before they can enjoy their casino bonus will depend upon the terms set forth by the casino. Upon meeting the number of hands required from the player they are then allowed to withdraw or spend their free money for casino wagering activities.

While the sign up bonus can be withdrawn by a casino player after they have met the required number of hands to play by the casino, there is another casino bonus that is uniquely designed by casinos to provide free money to their players but with a major difference of not being able to withdraw the amount.

This is called the sticky bonus which as the term implies the amount won by a casino player using the sticky bonus can be withdrawn but the sticky bonus amount remains to be under the possession of the casino.

Again there are stringent policies imposed by the casino to their sticky bonus as in all forms of casino bonuses there are to avail. When claiming any casino bonus always check the terms and conditions applied to the kind of bonus one tries to avail to maximize the enjoyment of playing casino games with free money to enjoy.

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