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African Police Department caught lottery fraud racket group

The police force in Ghana has arrested a female named Lucinda Aebiola for involvement in the fraud racket of online lottery.

Her husband called Emanuel Augustine was also arrested along with his partner Ravindrasing Waccher, after the police have caught them for online lottery scamming.

The police also seized several fake demand drafts on foreign banks, pen drives, laptops and cellular phones and SIM cards, from the two associates.

After the interrogations took place, it turned out that Emanuel’s wife was involved in fraudulent documents forgery as well, documents made for grabbing real online targets.

According to the authorities, the fraud group was trying to convince online audience that they are the winners of massive prizes of fake lotteries.

Then, the group made use of fraudulent documents to invite the winners to pay registration fee before they could withdraw their prizes.

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