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Party Casino is letting players watch their money grow

The suite of outstanding promotions offered by Party Tree Casino is the kind of thing that players can’t stay away from.

At Party Casino players can enjoy playing their favorite games while their money grows before their eyes. The VIP Money Tree Promotion allows you to play the exciting games offered by Party Casino, while your money is growing in your account.

With the VIP Money Tree Promotion, players who are Palladium VIP are able to play any of the online slot games or online jackpots slot games, getting their chance to win up to $1,000, all in guaranteed cash bonuses. Every winning is the player’s to keep, as expected. The VIP Promotion Event started on July 19th and will end on the 28th of the current month.

This is not all that the VIP Money Tree event has to offer.

Party Casino is putting up a fabulous pool prize of $30,000 and players have to earn at least 10,000 points in order to get the chance to have their share of this great pool prize. All the players have to do is earn points and hit the next targets:

2,000 points = $50 cash bonus

4,000 points = $150 cash bonus

6,000 points = $300 cash bonus

8,000 points = $500 cash bonus

10,000 points = share of the $30,000 prize pool.

Not to be forgotten, there is also the welcome bonus of £3,000 offered to players when they join Party Casino for the first time. On the player’s first four deposits, the casino will award 1005 extra up to £750. Only the first bonus is automatically commissioned and doesn’t require any bonus code. However, players will need to use the bonus code 750SLOTS for the next three subsequent deposits, to pick up their money.

There are also options for players that do not prefer slot games. There is 50% extra bonus up to $200 for players who prefer casino games, or 100% extra bonus up to $500 for roulette fans.

Party Casino is always offering great promotions and bonuses.


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