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City Council permits Bingo Games

Bingo Games can now be played at many more bingo websites, after a recent voting in September.

As for now, Bingo games are permitted at a lot of other locations in the Del Mar Fairgrounds. At the moment, the games are allowed to be played at Surfside Race Place and other few locations. After the voting on the 12th of September, followed by a debate, the City Council has allowed the games to be played at the additional bingo websites in the facility.

The City Council has approved about six months ago the Bingo games to be played at 6 nonprofit Bingo groups, all of them with Surfside Race Place as the only venue for these games. Predictions said that the host organization which paid $4,000 for hosting the events, will bring 150 to 200 players, and the calculations revealed that 120 gamers were necessary for the event to break through.

Up until now, the events have drawn fewer participants than expected, reaching to only 80 people. In the meantime, 2/3 was needed to get only break even there. This happened because there were some efforts to limit down the traffic problems in the surrounding areas.

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