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Online Omni Casino Launches a New Online Tournament From July

Beat the Heat is a multi level tournament targeting three different slot wagering bet ranges allowing gamblers with all budgets to play. Hosted by the online gambling site Omni Casino using software from Playtech, the prize pool will stand at huge $9,999, which will lead to more winners. The online tournament will run from 15th until the 31st July following the format of a previous one called Money Storm. Entry is free and players who wager on selected slot games will gain automatic enrollment, with those placing higher wagers having a higher chances of winning. It is therefore to their advantage for them to play from the very first day.

The Prize Booster promotion is what differentiates this tournament from others, however the established Pre-Tournament Prize Booster will still run and be valid until 14th July too. Throughout the tournament, if a player spins 75,000 or more real money with an average bet of $0.45 upwards, they will receive an additional $100, boosted to $300 should they complete 125,000 spins. 1,000 points will be given to those who wager between $5,000 and $15,000 throughout this period and those wagering more than $15,000 will receive 2,500 points.

A player will receive a point for each real money spin with between 15 and 40 paylines, with the total number of points at the end of the tournament determining their position on a leaderboard. The leaderboard will be determined by the bet range in which their average bet lies. A share of the prize pool will be awarded to those ranked high enough.

As well as this tournament, Omni Casino has publicized through its newsletter, The Omni Times, that it will be hosting a number of cutting-edge new games through a new contract, with the details being published shortly, along with other exciting promotions. Therefore, it is advised that players check each new issue.

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